I have represented individuals in a wide variety of consumer cases, including debt defense cases and cases involving money damages against banks, businesses, and other individuals.

  • DTPA Claims (Deceptive Trade Practices Act): The Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act covers a large number of consumer and business transactions. Buy a lemon car or truck? House or other property not in the condition it was supposed to be? Get overcharged for a service or get the wrong service? You may have a DTPA claim which can entitle you to three times your actual loss.

  • Unfair Debt Collection Practices: Just because you owe a debt does not give debt collectors the right to say and do anything to you. There are laws protecting consumers from misleading and abusive collection practices. If you have been subjected to an unlawful debt collection practice, you may have a claim to money damages and a right to prevent further abuse.

  • Debt Defense: If you have been sued over credit card debt, medical bills, loans, property taxes, or other debt, you have the right to fight the claims in court. There may be several benefits to hiring an attorney to contest the claims instead of accepting a default judgment. Once you have been sued, you must file an answer within a certain number of days as stated in the Citation. Most importantly, call an attorney to defend you effectively and negotiate on your behalf.