Debt Collection & Defense

Debt collection and debt defense in Texas is a special area of the law due in large part to the unique debtor protections provided by state law. Texas has some of the most generous property exemption laws in the United States, meaning a lot of a debtor's assets and income are protected from collection even if the creditor obtains a judgment. For creditors, SLF evaluates every case, and most importantly every debtor, to see if the debt is worth pursuing, and if so, tailors the representation to put the right kind of pressure on debtors until they start paying, even if it takes a full blown trial. SLF also looks at each case for potential fraud claims, civil theft claims, and other claims that are not automatically discharged when a debtor files for bankruptcy.

For debtors, SLF takes advantage of Texas' property exemption laws, the creditor's lack of commitment to pursuing the debt, and in some cases counterclaims for unlawful debt collection and reporting practices to help individuals and businesses resolve debts out of court, get cases dismissed, and even win at trial.

SLF also helps individuals get old debts and judgments resolved. Old debts and judgments can significantly reduce your credit score and make it difficult if not impossible to get a home loan, car loan, or almost any type of loan on reasonable terms. It can also effect your ability to lease an apartment or house. The landlord runs a credit report, sees the negative account, and game over. SLF has had a lot of success resolving old debts, judgments, and judgment liens to put people back on track to a higher credit rating and financial independence.